3 TikTok Marketing Strategies Every Brand Should Embrace

3 TikTok Marketing Strategies Every Brand Should Embrace

How you can increase your sales by TikTok and why TikTok is so important...

3 TikTok Marketing Strategies Every Brand Should Embrace
Cassin Mukire
Co-Founder | COO

3 TikTok Marketing Strategies Every Brand Should Embrace

Did you know that according to a study that was done, 49% of users on TikTok said that they have bought a product after seeing the product promoted on TikTok. In other words, almost half of TikTok users are already influenced to buy.

Many brands misjudge what the goal of TikTok actually is. Unlike Instagram which is characterized by perfectionism and followers, your only focus on TikTok should be to be seen.

Another fact is that your brand doesn't need to go viral to succeed on this platform. As a brand, you initially need to set clear goals for being on TikTok, and in addition to that, we at Tangoscale always recommend that you follow something we call the basic framework in order to advertise on the platform.

This is all you need to know now about the platform:

1. Brands must have a presence on TikTok.

2. TikTok creators should be the face of your brand.

3. Don't make ads, make TikToks.

Or this…

Brands must have a presence.

Some brands work hard for their content to go viral, these brands allocate huge resources to this so that entire teams are dedicated to creating original content with the right music and audio trends.

Not all brands have these resources, but you can still use TikTok just as well as the bigger brands. If your brand wants to benefit from TikToks but doesn't have "all" the resources, then it's a lie to begin with.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and if you as a brand want to take advantage of the upsides that exist with TikTok, you need to agree to create the resources that are missing.

What we mean by that is that as a brand with less financial resources or if you have infinite resources, you don't need to devote yourself to great efforts to create content and market on TikTok. It can be even more beneficial to collaborate with the right TikTok creators in combination with an agency that works according to a commission-based model like we do at Tangoscale.

In short, brands should have a presence on TikTok, but the real lift, content-wise, can only be created by extremely talented creators.

TikTok creators should be your face.

Brands should avoid overly scripted instructions when working with a creator, although clear scripts are required more than ever. Your brand simply wants to make it fun for the creator by continuing to provide flexibility in your requests, we see for ourselves that it makes the creators more creative.

A creator creating content for your brand should ideally love your product and actually stand behind your brand values. This will most likely determine how well the algorithms work in your favor.

One note worth mentioning is that TikTok's algorithm is focused on the content itself and how it performs, rather than promoting certain posts based on a profile's follower count or past engagement numbers. Anyone can go viral on TikTok, but just because a post goes viral doesn't mean the account does. In fact, follower numbers get pretty fuzzy when you compare platforms: 100,000 followers on TikTok doesn't necessarily equate to 100,000 followers on Instagram when it comes to results. On Instagram, it often takes a lot more work and time to build a following of that size, while on TikTok, it is possible to gather a large audience with one or two viral videos. The number of followers is still not the most important thing as the engagement of this short-term audience is not guaranteed in the same way as it is with an audience built up over a longer period of time.

TikToks that a creator creates can be turned into Instagram reels and even ads (Instagram doesn't prioritize content with a TikTok watermark) so it's important that if you want to reuse a TikTok video on instagram, you need to remove the TikTok watermark. A flexible platform for this that we at Tangoscale use is Snaptik.

Copy link to your video

Paste it into the search bar on Snaptik

Download your TikTok without the TikTok watermark

Childishly simple.

Do TikToks not ads.

TikTok encourages brands to "be more creative, more authentic and to create content that really speaks to people." Because of this, brands should approach the platform as an opportunity to explore and experiment.

The most popular TikTok content often evokes emotions or memories rather than getting straight to the point. You need to give a powerful yet well-thought-out visual communicated feeling that in the recipient's eyes should not only be perceived as sales.

TikTok's unique ability to bring experiences to life opens up a world of creative opportunities for brands to stand out. Consider the impact of showing—not just telling—how a brand's products/services solve consumer problems or deliver value, through the influencers who have mastered the platform's complexities.


TikTok should be a priority for you and your brand. The possibility of going viral on the platform is enormous and the conditions you need to succeed are equal to 0. Do you feel that you would need help with this and the creative part! Please contact us and we can discuss it together!