Marketing Company Gothenburg

Marketing Company Gothenburg

We live in a changing media landscape and an increasingly digitized world, what this means is that we need to adapt. Today's marketing agencies work digitally. In this article, we find out what a GROWTH HACKING agency does, when you know it's time to hire one, and which digital services are relevant in 2022.

Marketing Company Gothenburg
Cassin Mukire
Co-Founder | COO
Marketing  move from the physical to the digital world is a transformation that has been ongoing for over 20 years. Each year has brought enormous consequences for the companies that are not keeping up, but also new opportunities to reach customers in innovative and more personal ways for the companies that are keeping up.

Digital strategy with a focus on growth

In order to succeed with your digital business, it is important to know how to best create digital opportunities, but above all how to get the most out of them. A digital agency focuses on the digital, and everything related to the acquisition of traffic to your website. But a Growthhacking agency like us at Tangoscale prioritizes new customers to your e-commerce with a background against GROWTHHACKING.

A clear driving force of a digital GROWTH HACKING agency is profitable growth. Growth hacking aims to achieve growth by using the marketing budget as efficiently as possible.

To do this in today's world, you have to use the best marketing platforms – Where your customers are.​​ What this should mean for you who get help with your marketing, is that your marketing partner should collect data about basically all the activities you do –  the data is then used to measure, analyze and evaluate. In this way, you get an insight into customer and user behavior, which is an important key to see growth for most brands.

Then it's time to hire an agency. With the help of accurate analyses, you as a customer will avoid surprises and guesswork.

With a GROWTH HACKING agency, your investment is safe. But how do you know when it's time to hire a GROWTH HACKING agency? The simple answer to when you should hire a GROWTH HACKING agency is when you are not achieving what you want to do digitally:

1. You don't get profitability in your digital marketing.
2. Customers do not buy to the extent desired.
3. Or simply because you lack the knowledge of marketing.

The biggest benefit in using a GROWTH HACKING agency is that you get a partner with an 'outside perspective'.

You often have a picture of what you think you need, but a GROWTH HACKING agency  should be able to see things you yourself missed. The advantage of hiring a Growth agency is that it assumes a data-driven role in the collaboration.

 A GROWTH HACKING agency handles issues that affect your digital presence and constantly comes up with new ideas around strategies, but also creative insights that you might not have landed on yourself.​​

"With a Growth agency, your investment is safe"

It doesn't matter if your brand is located in Gothenburg, Stockholm, or Australia – the future of a GROWTH HACKING agency is digital in every sense of the word. It no longer matters what city you or the agency are in, digital allows us to do what we are meant to do – create growth. Adapt or die out, the future belongs to those who adapt to the digital development and a GROWTH HACKING agency is compliant and innovative.​​

Digital services 2022

A GROWTH HACKING agency range of services can vary, and it is important to understand which services are relevant to your particular company. A first step is to do a needs analysis, where the Growth agency helps review what exactly your company needs.

Needs analysis is a must so that you, the owner of a brand, understand what you need help with but at the same time to see if you are suited to work with the right Agency.

Here at Tangoscale, we always start new collaborations with a need's analysis. Thanks to the needs analysis, we can help you land on insights that you have not identified yourself in order to achieve increased sales.

Against the backdrop of the insights from the needs analysis, one can then look at which services may be most relevant to make a sharp U-turn towards growth.

Identified platforms in 2022

As a rule, the best marketing platform is where your customers are. But in 2022, some platforms have played a bigger role than others.

TikTok ADS – TikTok is one of the most popular platforms on social media today, the platform is usually characterized as being created for the younger target groups, but data shows that older people also spend a greater part of their time on TikTok.

TikTok is a platform where users communicate with moving image and sound, in the form of recorded videos or live broadcast videos. Since it was launched back in 2016, TikTok has grown at record speed and according to some estimates, the platform has over 500 million users worldwide. It is of course an interesting market to advertise on, if you sell products online, your customers are on this platform.

For the best results, it can be good to take help of creators who create the right type of content, the next step is then to either equip yourself for war or take the help of a Growth agency that possesses an extreme amount of field knowledge on TikTok ads.